The final days of prohibition in Georgia. Where will you be when it happens?

This site is here to take you on a journey. The site is here to take you to the promised land. Where green grows and flows in the wind, and you are not persecuted for enjoying the cool breeze.

The Georgia NORML network of organizations has one ultimate mission, to officially hear, “If you need to for medical purposes, or are at least 21 years old and want to for recreational purposes, it’s legally okay for you to ingest marijuana.”

To win, here’s the only two things you need – money and votes. Use this site as your digital ticket home. Home to the winners circle.

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The Only 2 Things You Get

This site serves you in two ways:

  1. To get you connected
  2. To be your hub in our Georgia green mission

Let’s look into the two purposes of a bit more deeply:

    1. To get you connected. You can now get notified on everything you value happening in our Georgia marijuana mission. Simply join the Georgia NORML Newsletter. Imagine there is a vibrant event full of marijuana mission fighters like you, and you don’t even know! How could you? Well, now you can know. And you will. Automatically! Things are a ‘changin! Excited? Me too? Next step…have you joined.

the Georgia NORML Newsletter? Georgia NORML is your green communicator and if you support the mission, then you’ll hear the call through our newsletter.

  1. To be your hub in our Georgia green mission. Georgia NORML is your hub. Our Georgia green mission is being lead by a network of organizations here in the state. Georgia NORML is your gateway to these orgs. Do you support the mission? If not, this site is not for you. If so, then please, pick your spot. We have an organization for activists, students, and even parents. You are already here in the Georgia NORML hub. Now use this gateway to see the organizational network and pick-your-spot!

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Extra Thanks from Georgia NORML to You

Are you a true leader? Are you responsible? Do you have a passion about marijuana law reform? Prove it. Lead Like a Politician for Georgia NORML!

Are you an ambitious journalist digging for media gold. STOP. Look no further. We’ve got a green nugget of attention-grabbing controversy. BIG changes are coming to Georgia marijuana law. Your time is running out before you are too late, and the story feeds the career of your competitor. Contact Georgia NORML now for a green scoop of media gold.

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